Stop paying too much for your recruitment…

I’ve just had a client who agreed to use a Recruitment Agency for one of their vacancies and the fees being charged were astronomical at 35% of the starting salary. He had not needed to recruit for some time and had forgotten about MaxAd and the service we provided. I had a discussion with him and explained that this is just too high even for an agency fee, regardless of whether he used us or not (he did!) I just didn’t want him to be over sold to, it’s just not right.

It made me think there must be so many more Companies out there experiencing the same pain, trying to find staff but yet almost being held to ransom.

With that in mind I just wanted to share this comparisons of different services to highlight the time and costs savings available on our compare us page.

I’m sure you are aware of our rigorous methodology and the extra value we provide to our clients so if you are unsure of anything the please contact me and overall please don’t pay 35% placement fee with a Recruitment Agency