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How We Find Your Next Hire

MaxAd has a proven track record recruiting within Pharmaceutical, attracting the candidates you require through a combination of online advertising across the most effective Pharmaceutical sector job boards, affiliate recruitment websites and social media. If you purchased this advertising directly it would cost you over £1,000.


We also search (£600 cost to you if purchase directly!) the best performing Pharmaceutical CV Databases to actively find candidates that are seeking their next career move. This includes searching our in-house database of candidates.


Finally, we telephone screen all applicants to ensure they match the requirements of your specific vacancy (including location, salary, UK visa) and are worthy of your time to interview.



Positions We Cover:

Regulatory Affairs Group Manager
Demand/Planning Manager
Logistics & Operations Administrator
Project Planner
Finance Director
Finance Analyst
Business Development Manager (North England)
Business Development Manager (South East)
Customer Insight Analyst
Customer Insight Scientist
Legal Counsel




Pharmaceutical Case Studies: How We've Helped Our Clients



Job Title: Regulatory Affairs Group Manager

Salary: £55k

Job Spec: An experienced Regulatory Affairs Manager is required to support the Regulatory Affairs Director, managing the team in the Regulatory Affairs department, including the RA Executives and Administrators. 

Result: 52 applications, 24 shortlisted, 4 CVs submitted, 1 hire

Estimated Savings: £10,005

Client Challenge: Looking for an experienced, organised and driven Regulatory Affairs Manager from a scientific discipline to join a leading, ambitious, multi-million £ healthcare products business.



Job Title: Customer Insight Scientist

Salary: £45k

Job Spec: An experienced Customer Insight Scientist is required to manage idea generation, conduct qualitative and quantitative research, and propose, establish and manage new projects.

Result: 78 applicants, 26 shortlisted, 4 CVs submitted, 1 hire!

Estimated Savings: £8,005

Client Challenge: Looking for an expert in consumer understanding, able to work alongside medical professionals with little supervision.



Job Title: Export Compliance Executive

Salary: £30k

Job Spec: An experienced Export Compliance Executive is required to manage activities with regards to all aspects of export control for this fast growing multi-million £ FMCG company.

Result: 96 applicants, 32 shortlisted, 6 CVs submitted, 1 hire!

Estimated Savings: £5,005

Client Challenge: Looking for an experienced, organised and driven Export Compliance Executive from a scientific discipline to join a leading, ambitious, multi-million £ healthcare products business.




Job Title: Graduate Project Planner

Salary: £24k

Job Spec: A recently qualified Science/Engineering graduate is required to track and plan product development projects for this leading healthcare company, at the forefront of infection prevention and control technology.

Result: 62 applicants, 22 shortlisted, 8 CVs submitted, 1 hire!

Estimated Savings: £3,805

Client Challenge: Looking for a driven, consumer focused Science/Engineering graduate to join a leading, ambitious, multi-million £ healthcare products business.

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