MaxAd’s Recruitment Portal

Emails, emails, emails. Constant emails back and forth. Emails in your inbox, your junk, your spam all about recruitment. Is there any wonder good candidates are missed in the plethora of emails that you receive in any one day? Surely there must be a way to make this whole process easier, quicker and more efficient? There is – a recruitment portal!

A portal can be hugely beneficial in the recruitment process as it ensures CVs are all grouped together in the same place without relying on ongoing email communication. MaxAd’s new portal incorporates a single login which can be shared by all relevant members of staff in the process, from HR, to hiring managers and board members. The benefit is that everyone can view applicants at their convenience without having to wait for an email to be forwarded.

Making use of a portal thus greatly reduces the chance of breakdowns in communication and emails being missed in busy times, or being caught in spam filters.

MaxAd has recently implemented its own recruitment portal allowing a hiring client to view a suitable CV, with accompanying screening notes from the Campaign Maximisers, in a near real-time service. This portal gives clients an easy-to-use platform where they can view suitable candidates and action options such as “Like”, “Hold” and “Reject” each candidate – the changes directly correlating to our own internal databases and updating the Campaign Maximisers.

This portal will allow for an improvement in communication between the client and MaxAd, helping MaxAd to work better towards our client’s needs. This improved liaison stops the “Do you like this CV? / What about this CV?” type of questions and opens the gateway for more constructive open questions: “What is this CV missing? / “What is it that excites you about this CV?” and so on. The more detailed feedback from client to MaxAd enables us to undertake more tailored searches to find the ideal candidate. This is especially important in such a competitive market – being able to move quickly and accurately increases the likelihood of a positive result.

A recruitment portal is an efficient way for hiring clients to view CVs and improve their communication with their chosen recruitment party. As great as emails are within recruitment and business in general, we are sitting pretty in the technology age and a portal could just be the next great leap forwards in streamlining the recruitment process.

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