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Stop paying too much for your recruitment…

I’ve just had a client who agreed to use a Recruitment Agency for one of their vacancies and the fees being charged were astronomical at 35% of the starting salary. He had not needed to recruit for some time and had forgotten about MaxAd and the service we provided. I had a discussion with him and explained that this is just too high even for an agency fee, regardless of whether he used us or not (he did!) I just didn’t want him to be over sold to, it’s just not right.

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The UK is now officially in “Full Employment”

With only 5.4% unemployed, there has been a dramatic turnaround in employment over the last year. So what does this actually mean for your business?

– Fewer people looking for work
– Potential salary increase to attract and retain workers
– People becoming more choosy about what, where and when they work
– Higher number of people requesting flexible working


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The UK is at full employment

All I want for Christmas is…


Our partners at People Puzzles, the HR Consultancy, wrote this great article on top tips for businesses over the festive period.

Well, I’m sure it’s not really us and I’m positive it’s not a sexual harassment claim, an increase in sickness or a Christmas party that everyone is talking about for the wrong reasons!

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Xmas Party HR Rules